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Nowpie "Vintage"

Nowpie "Vintage"

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Designed to store and present your most recently played records, each holder stores up to 20 LP's, 10 gatefold albums or a mix of both.

The “Vintage” aesthetic is designed to look aged and a little worn (like something your grandparents might once have owned) and will compliment your retro hi-fi setup.

Soft and subtle grooves ensure your now playing collection will not slip or cause your records to bend or warp.

The Nowpie Vintage showcases your favourite vinyl records, feels soft in your hands and is gentle on your album collection.

Handcrafted from Pine DAR, stained with Golden Teak Hard Wax Oil and finished with organic beeswax polish.

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  • Now Playing stand soft grooves

    Care for your collection

    Soft grooves on the base ensure your records will not slip and are optimised for perfect balance and weight distribution.

  • Made for serious collectors

    The tasteful design ensures your vinyl artwork is beautifully presented and easy to flip through.

  • Elegant and soft to the touch

    Each piece is hand-sanded for a soft rounded finish and then lovingly polished with beeswax.