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"The Bale" Record Drawer

"The Bale" Record Drawer

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The Bale record drawers are designed to work exclusively with the IKEA Kallax storage solutions. These handcrafted wooden drawers make it easier to store and browse through your record collection so they can be flipped through, crate-style.

PLEASE NOTE: We are moving workshop, working on new products and a new website! To hear about the re-launch (and our new version of The Bale Record Drawer) please join our waitlist. Thanks for your patience :)

Each drawer slides effortlessly to reveal up to 50 standard records, 20 gatefold records or a mix of both.

Drawer fronts use locally sourced Tasmanian Oak / Victorian Ash and are finished with Scandinavian Oil and a durable hardwood wax which heightens the natural wood grain texture and improves durability. The drawer frame is constructed using premium Birch Plywood and finished with hardwood wax.

The drawers use an industrial strength felt underlay to allow the draws to slide in-and-out smoothly and to protect the Kallax cabinet. Each drawer comes with additional peel-to-stick felt brackets to prevent the drawers from falling out of the cabinet.

The beautiful and understated Bale record drawers show off your favourite album, while protecting and organising your vinyl collection.


  • These drawers are specifically designed to work with the IKEA Kallax (not included).¬†
  • The drawers are made on demand and can take up to 3 months to be delivered.
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The Bale Record Storage Drawers designed to work with the Ikea Kallax

Designed for the IKEA Kallax

"The Bale" Record Drawer was specifically designed as an alternative record storage solution to work with the IKEA Kallax bookshelf series. In fact, it's not really designed to work with anything else!

Widely regarded as the most popular way for vinyl enthusiasts to store their record collection, the IKEA Kallax is synonymous with the modern day record collector. Unfortunately, there has been a shortage of quality storage solutions until now...

  • Limited shipping

    Each set of drawers are carefully packaged for shipping to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & USA.

  • Smooth and effortless

    You'll love the feeling of pulling out a record drawer and browsing your collection. Slide stoppers protect your drawers from spilling out.